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Here's a highly personal question (which if you are not too comfortable answering, you can choose to ignore): Do you remember the first time you masturbated?

Yes? No?

Well, whether you remember or not, the important thing is you enjoyed yourself. After all, masturbation is normal! With that said, have you noticed anything different about the way you masturbate now from that of your younger years?

As we grow older, we are probably more in tune with our bodies and its wants, needs, and desires.

If you are interested to find new ways to give yourself pleasure and satisfaction, at Jamaica Porn Service we are here to give you some pointers.

So, hang tight as we list down some Advanced Masturbation Technique that you might just need!


Discovering your body's pleasures and releasing your sexual energy are both pretty normal. And perhaps one of the best ways to explore all that and more is through masturbation.

Despite what old "sayings" tell us, there is nothing wrong with masturbation.

There are actually really good benefits when guys jack off regularly. Take note of these for example:

Masturbation reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer. Men who are able to ejaculate more than five times a week have lower levels of toxins in their urogenital tract.

When men go through the process of ejaculating, the “stress hormone” cortisol is released which helps in boosting the immune system.

Masturbation helps release tension and stress through the endorphins in the body.

Just like having sex, masturbation allows you to exercise the muscles of your pelvic floor and it also helps prevent erectile dysfunction.

Masturbation also makes you feel good and leaves you much more satisfied due to the release of oxytocin and dopamine.


Perhaps due to certain circumstances, some men out there are not able to enjoy their masturbation sessions to the fullest.

Sometimes they might have to do some self-rub and tug rather quickly which doesn't give them a lot of time to savor every sensation.

There are times when the whole masturbation routine becomes repetitive and boring, making you lose the drive and energy to even bother.

To rectify the situation, maybe it's time to look into some advanced masturbation techniques by using an Adult Sex Toy that would enhance and heighten those self-love sessions!


If you like intense sensations, you might want to try to stimulate your nipples while you are masturbating.

There are Nipple Toys available including Nipple Clamps that you can buy at Jamaica Porn Service Store for some extra stimulation.

If you are looking for something handy to use, perhaps you can go to your laundry room and get your hands on one of your clothespins!


There is more to male masturbation than stroking your cock! Take notice of your balls!

Your testicles are home to so many sensations. There are some techniques that you can try to take advantage of to make the most of your balls' pleasure points.

Start with caressing the outside of your balls gently and then start slapping them with a firmer hand.

Once you've got the momentum going, you can start grabbing and pulling your balls. In the process of doing this, don't forget to be careful!

Make sure you don't overdo playing with your balls or else you might harm yourself!


Add a little spice to your solo play by talking dirty while showing yourself some self-love! Bring your fantasies to life by voicing out your desires and your wants!


Some men aren’t too comfortable with anal play. However, if you are up to the challenge, this might be something you can try soon!

When we talk about stimulating the ass when masturbating, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you shove a sex toy, a finger or two into the ass hole.

What we mean here is to do it stroke the tip of your middle finger around the outside of your ass while stroking and pumping your cock. The best time to do this is once orgasm is near!

Don’t forget to use a lube on and around your finger!


The tip of your penis is very sensitive so perhaps you might want to give it some attention during masturbation.

While lying down and stroking your erection, cover the tip with a soft cloth or something similar.

Try running your hand on the blanket covered tip while running your other hand on your shaft.


Multitasking is the name of the game!

If you want to enhance your masturbation experiences even further, make use of both your hands!

You can try to hold your shaft with one of your hands and then try to run circles around its head with your free hand.


Make your masturbation session extra caliente by using warming lubricants. This type of lube provides warm sensations which can enhance the solo play experience.

Most of the warming lubricants being sold contain glycerin. This sugar alcohol helps in slowing down the evaporation of water and it makes the lubricant slipperier.


To add more sensation to all the stroking that you might be doing, you can try rubbing your dick on to something. Our 6in1 12 frequency Electric Vagina masturbation cup is a prefect toy to get you that all-inclusive intense sensation.

It doesn’t have to be a complicated contraption. You can make use of your pillow, couch and other stuff that you can find in your home.


One of the things that can make any masturbation session extra special is by using a Male Masturbator sex toy.

Since there are so many sex toys to choose from in the market, it’s important that you do some research first. There might be some toys out there that your dick won’t take a liking to!

In choosing a sex toy, ensure to all necessary product information is available and make the most out of the many choices available for you on!

Depending on how you want things to go, you can always opt to get one or more if you’re committed to making every masturbation experience extra!

Penis or Cock Rings: If you are looking for something that can strengthen the penis and increase your stamina, get yourself a Penis or Cock Ring. These rings usually come in different materials including: silicone, rubber, plastic, glass and many others.

Love Dolls: If you don’t have a partner who can help you out, don’t worry! There are love or sex dolls who are made in the image and likeness of a human being that you can pleasure yourself with!

Prostate/Anal Toys: There's more to masturbating than just stroking or pumping your cock! Intensify your masturbation and orgasms by playing with your prostate and penis at the same time! At first glance, you would probably wonder how you can possibly do this. Well for starters, make sure you stretch your muscles because you will be needing a little bit of your flexibility!

Penis Pumps: Offering to give you more sensations, penis pumps were made to help you with your erection. While you might find it awkward in the beginning, once you get the hang of it, you will savor the sensation caused by the blood flowing into your shaft, making it appear bigger and stronger.


As mentioned, there is nothing wrong with masturbation. It’s totally normal.

However, there are times when you lose sight of reality and your regular routine.


There have been numerous studies emphasizing the benefits of male masturbation.

But just like any other good thing, too much of it can be bad for you. Getting addicted to masturbation can have physical, biological and psychological effects.


If masturbation is all you think and do, you will be losing interest in the regular and normal things you do in life.

This can have a massive impact on many other aspects of your life as well. Don’t let masturbation take over!


Those who rely on masturbation more than average might find themselves having problems when having sex with their partners.

Some might have difficulty with erection and orgasm without masturbation. Also, they are more prone to premature ejaculation.


When it comes to masturbation, make sure you don’t overdo it to the point that it affects all other facets of your existence.

As much as we all want all the intense passion and heightened sensation in our lives, we will lose the joy and excitement when we overdo things.

Keep this in mind before you start jacking off like there’s no tomorrow!


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